Staggering details about our Super Cup Venue Makadara Grounds

Notable Islamic festivals such as Maulid and recitation of the Holy Quran take materialize on the much loved and respected grounds. Myriads of families also stream there during IDD festivals

Makadara Grounds Credit : Collines omondi

Local residents rolled out an initiative of restoring sanity tranquility and order in the prehistoric Makadara Ground by seeking way to settle street urchins slept and made the grounds their homes. Some if the challenges facing the local community include social vices such drug abuse, thankfully the youths have risen up to the task and restored prestige to the popular grounds. كيفية لعب بينجو

Dr. Jalal Ashraf applauded young men and women for being in the frontline of helping in retaining splendor that Makadara ground deserves to have. اربح المال من الالعاب Dr. Ashraf also commented on a partnership with county, national governments and the civil society that soon a wall wi;; be erected in effort of securing shielding the ground

Youths after a clean up exercise credit :

All this awe-inspiring efforts have had a major positive economic boost for the community and created a very serene environment by which young talents can train and play football to the brim.

Hamis Baghazal former FIFA Referee veterans youth coach appealed to all supporters and patrons to contribute whatever they can, so that the grounds can continue being kept in great condition and conserved for many years to come



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