The Eagles had their 3rd match on the bounce at the home Serani Sports Ground. We know that here the results and performance have been good if not excellent. In all their 4 home games they have dropped just 2 points but amassed 10 points from 12 available averaging 3 goals a game. Could they close out a win against the high flying Tsavo Wild Beast (TWB) who are currently 2nd in the league? The match got underway at the home side applied the first pressure with Abdul wriggling and stretching the Tsavo center backs. Our next good attack so him receive the ball and as he moved towards goal, he was hacked down by the tall Tsavo keeper. Penalty! The referee pointed to the spot. Up stepped Rashid who has 100% record from the spot. He slotted it to the righthand corner where the ball bonded with the net as the goalie was beaten. An early goal is always good, it keeps the nerves down and inspires confidence.

Rashid and Abdul wheel away to celebrate the opener of Rashid’s penalty

Now, the Eagles have never kept a clean sheet. What was on the players’ mind? Here is Tsavo who have a +11 goal difference in their games so far while Eagles had -2 goal difference. The defense had an addition of Juma after injuries suffered by Kennedy. Chichi and Juma had all to do.

The goal seemed to have stung Tsavo into action and they started applying pressure. Some good combination play allowed them to get close to Ouma’s goal but their shots were tame. But not all their efforts were fruitless. In one play a through ball evaded the backline allowing the Tsavo No.9 get into the box from Ouma’s left. Ouma dashed out very quickly to stop the shot. He got there a fraction late. The striker managed to squeeze a shot through. Heart in the mouth moment! Here is the equalizer. With one swift swing of his left leg Seif cleared the ball at the line and made it safe. That clearance was cheered as though it was a goal.

Abdul couldn’t continue as he tried to run off the knock he hadn’t been given by the goal. In came Alawi. The games tempo plateaued with both trying to fashion a goal but both defenses stood tall with the goalies not having much to do. A fouled outside their D was called after Evans was fouled which resulted in a yellow card for their no-nonsense defender. The free kick amounted to nothing. Tsavo got a freekick of their own just outside our D. This too didn’t amount to anything as the yellow wall did its work and blocked off the shot. Referee Hillary ended the 1st half. The teams returned unchanged for the 2nd half. The Eagles playing with the confidence of a team at home and also in the lead put in good passes. The midfield of Max, Charles, Evans and Rajab was keeping Tsavo on their toes. A wall pass here, a flick there, chested pass, a swivel of the hips and dummies were plenty. The Eagles pushed the Tsavo attacks wide and also made them resort to long balls. They found an inform Ouma who put on a show. He was quick out of his line, he swept behind the defenders, caught the balls with flamboyance which brough shouts and laughter from his bench. لعبة بلاك جاك اون لاين مجانا Chichi stuck tight to their No.9 and when they contested for the ball just outside our area he brought him down. What seemed a fair challenge the referee Hillary gave a freekick. The foul again met the yellow wall and Juma in particular who was standing tall got hit on the chest

Ouma was in fine form

Changes were made with Otieno and Rama coming on replacing Evans and Rajab who was limping. In Otieno, the team got a speed demon. He didn’t waste time as he go the ball and hit in a good cross. The forwards hadn’t place themselves well, the midfield was also a little behind but the cross managed to get Rama who floated in another cross. Alawi expertly controlled the ball and at the very last moment passed the ball into the net. 2-0. Everyone to the corner in celebration.

Celebrating the 2nd goal

Tsavo were not getting any joy in the midfield which was being marshalled from the base by Max. Otieno was turning them inside out, running at them and causing them trouble. لعب الروليت In one of his runs, he dribbled passed his marker and on skinning the next defender down he was chopped. A second yellow for their no-nonsense defender and he received his matching orders. The Eagles had never had such an advantage in a match and here they looked to get a third goal. A delightful cross by Rama was delicately brought down by Otieno. He was face to face with the keeper with all the time in the world. The ground went silent as they watched the duel. Otieno had the ball on his favoured right foot. This is the third goal. This is going to be his second goal in the league. This was the game killer. He struck the ball but the agile Tsavo custodian got down well to his left and saved. العاب قمار حقيقية He wasn’t done. He got up and ran to the Assistant Referee and argued with him on how Otieno should have been called for off-side. He talked his was into his second yellow which was in addition to his first yellow from hacking down Abdul. With the goalie off from the red card Tsavo was now down to 9 men. With 5mins to go surely Tsavo had lost the match. The Eagles now had a chance to close out the game comfortably.

Walk of shame: Tsavo Wild Beast custodian walking off

Referee Hillary Ochieng blew the whistle to end the game. It didn’t end there for him, he had to show a third red card to a Tsavo player who was calling him some unprintable names. Not to draw attention away from our win we left him to it. We went to our ‘Changing Rooms’ to celebrate our gorgeous win. Another team above us in the table bites the dust.

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