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Due to being organized, well behaved, and properly presented ourselves, the Club got promotion after 1 game from Division 2 to Division 1 of the FKF Mombasa Sub-Branch when an opportunity arose as a result of another team forfeiting its place in the Division 1 leagues

Best Discipline Award

We won this award when we contested the Machele Foundation Super Cup 2019.

Top half

Club finished in the top half of the table by finishing 9th in the 2019/2020 FKF Mombasa Division 1 League

A Bit About Us

Beyond Football

The Club’s name Mombasa Eagles is comprised of two ideologies. Firstly, Mombasa is arguably the coolest town in Kenya. It is the tourism hub of Kenya. From its rich culture that comes from the Bantu, Swahili, and Arab connection we get exotic foods, glamourous Swahili language, white sandy beaches, vibrant blue economy, and warm people. Secondly, Eagles are apex-predators who are characterized by being the deadliest prey birds, strongest, and fittingly fly higher than any other birds.

Keeping players on track

Ensure total body fitness

Evaluate your progress

Would you care to Partner with us?

Would you want to form a symbiotic relationship with us where we both look to support one another to achieve our goals?The Club is looking to secure sponsorship and partnership relationship with like-minded organizations who share our core values, organizations that are striving to be competitive and those that aim for excellence in their operating environments just like Mombasa Eagles Football Club. We believe that no man is an island and that we should endeavor to make the communities around us be better and in turn we also become better.

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